Metaphysical Specialists

We are Metaphysical Specialists providing virtual services in energy healings, connection with deceased loved ones, past-life readings, subconscious and long-distance healings, and card readings. 

Every beautiful person here has been meticulously chosen and screened for their exceptional abilities.

Please take a moment to read their biographies and select the individual whom you connect with

and who resonates with you.

Payment is required in advance, at the Specialist’s discretion or prior to the start of each service.

Donna Tarot card reader


Tarot & Oracle Reader, Artist and Healer

I embrace the role of an artist, healer, and reader. From high school days, I have embarked on a journey as The Fool, the first card of the Tarot deck.  This path has guided me into healing practices, and manifest intuitive paintings.


Lourdes clairvoyant



I’ve been into spirituality for over 25 years.  I connect with your deceased loved ones from behind the veil to bring you loving messages to let you know they are still here but in a different form. that can help you heal. I also use my psychic abilities to you connect with your inner wisdom.

Bettina Akashic Record Teacher


Master Akashic Record Reader and Medium

Throughout my entire life, I have a profound sensitivity to the spiritual realm. Around two decades ago, I began sharing my abilities through readings to others. Originally born and raised in Germany, I moved to the United States about 25 years ago.



Energy Healer, ART Technique

I’m an energy healer, author and specialize  working with the subconscious. Through my research I’m convinced that every single issue, be it emotional, mental, or even physical, is ultimately the consequence of some form of emotional trauma.




Metaphysical Artist and Reiki Crystal Healer


I’m a licensed clinical social worker who has a passion for helping others. Drawn to finding new and holistic ways to make a difference in the quality of my own life; I share my healing knowledge of the divine, crystal reiki energy, and the metaphysical arts to others!

Becky B. Salt City Psychic


Rune Reader and Teacher



I am here to help empower you to heal, grow, and thrive through guidance provided from the wisdom of the Runes. A question I will ask Odin and Freya on your behalf is “What is your position in the Universe? What do you need to know at this moment in time?”


Betty Ann Medical Intuitive

Betty Ann

Medical Intuitive, Bowenwork Therapist, Reiki Master

I’m a medical intuitive. I was an RN for over 20 years, a Bowenwork practitioner, and fitness trainer for 10 years. I want you to know you can feel better. You don’t have to stay miserable. As a medical intuitive I can help you get to the root of your pain fast.

Liz G


Reiki Master and Certified Tarot Practitioner

Hi, I’m an intuitive reader who uses various tools to support or enhance my client’s journey.  Examples include Oracle and Tarot cards, energy healing modalities – Reiki, crystal, or sound, and divination, divinely guided by source.  


Donna Healer


Reiki and Crystal Healer

I am a starseed and lightworker that has reincarnated many times.  As a spiritual being, I serve as a beacon of light to inspire and heal humanity through the use of quantum and metaphysical practices of energy healing.

 Coming soon!

Getting Readings, Healings and More

We dive into the realm of psychic readers, healers and mediums and explore the profound ways in which their unique abilities can assist in connecting with loved ones, nurturing the soul and also illuminate your own spiritual journey and provide guidance on various aspects of life. 

Our Experiences

With a collective experience exceeding 50 years in the realm of spiritual connections, healings, readings, and more, we possess the profound wisdom and knowledge to aid individuals from all walks of life in uncovering answers and nurturing inner serenity. Our ultimate mission is to support every person on their journey toward a harmonious and fulfilling life.

Our work transcend physical boundaries, delving into the domains of energy, intuition, and consciousness. As Metaphysical Specialists who operate in the realm of positivity, we firmly believe in its immense power and the transformative impact it can have on individuals and society at large. Our mission is to create a ripple effect of healing, radiating light and love to all beings.

50+ Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Gentle Souls

Love & Support

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