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I have been practicing  spirituality for more than 25 years.  I first recognized my ability with the metaphysics when I was about 12 years old and drawn to the metaphysics and the spirit world. I learned from my many years of spiritual experiences that life goes beyond our presence here on earth.  My approach is rooted in a spiritual and kind holistic perspective, and embracing all the elements of your individual energy.


Throughout my extensive life experiences of over 50 years, my intuitive abilities became stronger and aligned with the Divine, our Creator.  With the help of my guides, I connect with spirit and bring messages, from your loved ones on the other side of the veil and provide evidence that they are still very much alive but in a different dimension. In each session, I give you the messages that I receive from your loved ones that you understand and resonate with.


I understand that everyone’s path is different, and I approach each client with openness, compassion, and respect. By drawing upon my  experience in spirituality and healing, I offer a unique blend of intuitive insights, ancient wisdom, and bring messages with support and comfort. Please visit my personal website to learn more about my readings.


Payment is required before the start of each service via PayPal.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are approximately 15-30-minutes. I connect with your energy and receive messages from spirit and guides, to bring evidential mediumship messages from your loved ones.  Usually we meet on Zoom, but can also meet via phone, Skype, etc.  

Intuitive Readings   

30 minutes for $50 (USD)

Group Psychic Party  

Get your friends or family together for an intimate gathering and enjoy a reading and connect with loved ones! Designed for small  gatherings of 2-5 participants. Hosted on Zoom, this gallery-style immersive experience brings the age-old practice of evidential mediumship directly to your digital doorstep.


This is a loving space and experience for all participants, both those seeking connections and those that are curious. The session typically lasts 60-75 minutes, allowing for ample time for messages and interactions.


While the medium endeavors to provide meaningful connections, the nature of mediumship experiences can vary, and specific connections are not guaranteed.

Group Psychic Party

60-75 minutes for $100 (USD)



"Thank you for the beautiful reading. It was amazing and spot on. It resonated on many levels. I will take all of the guidance offered to me and apply it to everyday life. You are a great reader. I am very grateful!! Highly recommended!!"
Jean Marie
"Lourdes helped me with uncovering of my past and how it affects my life today, she is grounded and spiritually intuitive way. She helped me recognize that my behavior today, towards my wife was really a reaction to my relationship with my father. She has this unique ability to help uncover these hidden feelings and experiences I never thought about. I appreciate all the valuable information and results experienced so far!"
Jondon B.
Healthcare Worker
Lourdes is a breath of fresh air to talk too! She is personable, made me feel comfortable and a lot of what she said resonated with me, from my past, present and future details that only I would know about. I definitely recommend her and she will be one of my future go to consultants for sure 😇
"In 2022, I suffered a total breakdown from abuse by a former narcissistic Virtual Assistant. Lourdes not only reminded me of the value of my health, both physical and emotional, but she welcomed me into her breathing class. I worked with Lourdes 1-on-1 to become familiar with special breathing techniques so I could quiet my mind and find peace, calm and even energy. We worked on 3 special breathing types that were dedicated to helping with energy, relaxation and sleep. Lourdes even went the extra mile and helped me reflect on some issues that were really holding me back and affirming it is not my place to worry about others. She has been a good friend and a key contributor to my healing in 2022. And while the journey still continues, I feel safe knowing she has my back and I can highly recommend her with a full heart to anybody needing to get out of a rut and back into the game of life."
Mark H.
Web Developer and Business Owner
"I got a reading with Lourdes which was very helpful and also helped me feel better. She took the time to listen to me and what came up resonated with me. She also gave me some useful tips to help me move forward. I am grateful for that session and would highly recommend her services. Thank you! "
Sandra B.
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