Hi, I'm Kendra


I have been drawn to create all my life. Every piece of art I create has a healing energy that guides its creation. I open my soul to divine guidance when making each piece. This allows for a deeper connection to the universal energy of reiki and a more intimate and energetic commune to the materials I use. They in turn provide guidance to how each piece should look, and what healing energies each piece is meant for.


Crystals are unique and each one has its own metaphysical properties and healing energies! I have been drawn to crystals my whole life! 


I include my crystal knowledge, clinical experience, and reiki healing in my session(s) and my artwork! Whoever is chosen to work with one of my original pieces will continue to receive reiki healing and divine inspiration. Just be open to it!


I sell most of my artworks and metaphysical tools at events, but I do sell some online.  I would love to meet with you and discuss what you are looking for and go over any questions you have!  Please see my website at: https://koiphoenixcreative.com/ and schedule a free consultation today.


Payment required before starting any services.

Individual Virtual Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is an individual healing journey and I continue to learn more about it, as I grow and heal with reiki, I want to share it with others! 
I am attuned to the Wu Wei (Water Way) reiki master lineage and a Karuna Holy Fire reiki master lineage.

Online Crystal Reiki Healing  

 30-minutes for $40 (USD)

Come see me in July, 2023 at: 

Metaphysical Fair!! I will be displaying and selling new art pieces as well as  crystal reiki healing sessions! 


 METACON: July 14-16, 2023 | KC Spirit & Paranorm (kcspiritandparanormal.com) 


I am also on Facebook and Instagram

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