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Gloria H

I am a natural-born clairvoyant with psychic and mediumistic abilities. My main talent is being a Remote Viewing Healer. I also have many gifts such as remote touching, hearing conversations, and seeing and communicating with spirits.


I use a holistic and gentle approach with my clients. I want to make sure everyone receives the same quality of care.


With remote viewing healing, at times I am able to visualize, through a telepathic vision, what illness or disease someone has or may have. There are times when I “hear” telepathically what someone may have such as cancer, benign tumors, etc.


During healing sessions, I let my client know what I am doing/seeing/hearing and at times lead my client on a guided healing meditation.  There are times when someone may be immediately healed while at other times more healing sessions are needed. The additional healing sessions are at the client’s discretion.


In addition, I have prophesied over children as to what their mission in life is.  I utilize my gift of prophecy to impart divine insight and guidance to children, revealing their unique missions and purposes in life, and empowering them to fulfill their destinies with confidence and clarity. Through prophetic words, I have witnessed the transformative impact of providing young minds with a profound sense of direction and purpose, igniting their potential and setting them on a path of fulfillment and significance.

I also host a podcast Life of a Visionary


I also write a blog titled Healthy Life Blog and you can read my posts HERE.


Payment must be accepted 48 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment or it’s automatically cancelled. 

Healing Sessions


During the healing sessions, Gloria will let her client know what she is doing/seeing/hearing and at times lead her clients on a guided healing meditation.


There are times when someone may be immediately healed while at other times more healing sessions are needed. The additional healing sessions are at the client’s discretion.

Healing Session

$15 for 20 minutes

Destiny Prophecy

Gloria is able to see the purpose and destiny for children and adults. Book a 15 minute call with Gloria to find out what your destiny is or the destiny of your children. Additional time or sessions may be needed for more than one child. 

Destiny Prophecy

$15 for 20 minutes (USD)

Remote Viewing

Considering the intricacies involved in providing Remote Viewing services, I am currently offering assistance specifically for locating missing persons. If you’re interested, please reach out to schedule a discovery call, where we can determine whether my services will be beneficial to your situation.

Remote Viewing

$50 for 30 minutes (USD)



“In February, 2023 I was having some medical challenges, severe abdominal pain and other issues that sent me to a gastroenterologist. He suspected and hinted I may have cancer. Of course, I was terrified. I relayed this to a friend of mine, Gloria Hass, along with my symptoms.   In the middle of the night I started feeling extremely hot in my abdominal area and having night sweats. In the morning I would wake up exhausted. I thought this was because of my symptoms. This went on a couple nights a week, not every night but the same nights every week.  Upon getting my results back from the doctor, I was told I didn’t have cancer and also my symptoms had subsided. I started feeling much better and had more energy. I was told by my friend that she was doing healing process at night to help with my symptoms.   Nothing had seemed to work before, no medications, no change of diet. I do believe that her healing has helped me to alleviate my medical symptoms and even helped to deter the cancer.”
Alex D.
“Gloria provided a wonderful healing session.”
Amanda W.
"On May 29, 2023, Prophetess and Healer Gloria Hass prayed over me. I had been treating nausea and pain. from gastroparesis, using marijuana because it worked so well and was natural. I was out of weed and was in extreme pain. When she prayed, I felt a warm sensation in my stomach and a gurgle. Then the pain and nausea stopped. My stomach feels fine, in fact, it feels good. Praise God! I could even eat a brownie without any problem where if I ate it before my healing, I would have gotten very sick." When I had finished praying, I asked William how his stomach was feeling and this is what he wrote: “It's wonderful. I'm in a bit of shock.”
William E.
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