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Betty Ann Medical Intuitive I have always embraced the alternative, even coming from a background that was very strong in Western medicine. I am a registered nurse and have worked in a variety of settings as a nurse. After raising my family, I began a career in fitness that included being a personal trainer and director of a local community center.


During my ten-year career in fitness I studied movement and corrective exercise, techniques I still bring to my healing sessions.


In 2008 I began to study energy medicine with Donna Eden as a way to implement alternative healing methods into my work.


In 2010 I became a certified Bowenwork practitioner and opened a private practice. Bowenwork is a very gentle hands-on healing modality that brings powerful results.


In 2020 I began studying medical intuition with Tina Zion. The work resonated so much with me that I finally felt like I was “home.” I am certified at the Master’s level in Tina’s work and am a recommended practitioner on her website. I am amazed at how the body communicates with us and love the variety of healing techniques that really make a difference to my clients.  


You can read my blogs here. Or visit my website at:  Vibrant Bodyorks


Payment Policy:  I accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, as well as cash or checks. Payment for new clients must be received before the session.

Medical Intuition Session

In addition to the systems in our physical bodies such as the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and nervous system, we are also energetic beings with a well-developed energetic field surrounding us. Most, if not all, physical symptoms have an emotional and spiritual component that impact our health as well. 


Medical intuition can help the client realize the essence of issues they are having and enable them to use this awareness to understand the best way to heal. Our bodies naturally want to be healthy and medical intuition is key in strengthening the mind-body connection to allow healing.When I book a session with a client, I ask them not to share what is going on physically with them so that I may be more credible. The information will come as pure intuition. 


I begin every session by connecting with my Divine, Sacred, and Pure guides to ask them for a sacred space for our time together. I always ask for your permission to look into your energy field–perhaps there is a hole, a tear, or the aura just isn’t as strong as it should be. From there, I again ask your permission to look into your physical body to determine any issues that might be happening. Although I can scan from head to toe, I am almost always drawn to an area that is most affected energetically. I consider the work we do together to be a very sacred space and would never proceed without your permission.


There are many reasons for physical illness–trapped emotions in the physical body, a current or past relationship that needs healing, or thoughts and emotions causing illness, for example. My medical intuitive work also includes taking the cause of the problem in the physical body to a healing. Every physical illness also involves an emotional component. It’s possible that a deceased loved one might appear with a message for you, which can be very healing as well.  I almost always give my clients some type of “homework” to continue after the session. This allows you to participate in the healing–I find it much more powerful when we work together for the best possible outcome. My hope is that my clients notice a positive change in their lives, which defines healing to me.


There are some things I will never do in a session. I do not use oracle cards during a reading, the information is purely intuitive. I also will not diagnose an illness (although I might suggest you check out a symptom with a practitioner who is licensed to do so) or tell you to stop taking a medication or supplement. However, I will relay the information that comes through honestly so that you may interpret it as feels right to you. 


I consider this work to be sacred and will always deliver information in a compassionate manner. I guarantee that our time together will be completely focused on you and your healing. My greatest wish for my clients is that they find the session helpful, healing and hopeful.

Medical Intuition

A one-hour session is $125, 3 sessions for $350.



Bowenwork is a series of gentle moves on the body by the practitioner. The practitioner will make a series of very gentle moves on the body, after which the client is asked to rest for a couple of minutes to allow the body to integrate those moves. The duration of the rest time varies with the procedure and is very important to allow the body to heal and respond in a gentle way.


75 per session, or $199 for 3 sessions. Times vary for Bowenwork sessions but most are 45-60 minutes long.



Reiki is administered by the “laying on of hands” or by having the practitioner’s hands hover above an area of the body. We all have a life force energy that flows through us. If that energy is low or weak, we are more likely to develop an illness, feel anxious, or feel stress. If we are able to keep our life force energy high we are much more able to stay healthy and function at our best to enjoy our lives. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words: Rei–Meaning “the Higher Power” Ki–”Life force energy”



$75 per session (USD)



“…profoundly beneficial to my mind, body and soul.” Betty Ann's intuition guided me into deeper levels of healing I didn't know existed.
Patti Stark
Serenity on the Square, Liberty, MO
Betty Ann Dean’s Medical Intuition sessions have been eye opening and on point. They have grounded my understanding of the profound effects that life experiences have on physical and emotional health. Her work is sterling.
"Bowenwork helped me fully recover from a fracture of my right upper arm and shoulder. My doctor told me that the fracture would cause loss of range of motion in my shoulder and I would probably not be able to continue to swim for exercise. I had three Bowenwork sessions while recovering from the fracture and I am happy to report that my fracture healed beautifully. I have full range of motion and I can swim with ease!"
"Betty Ann it’s been amazing for me! You’ve helped my pain in my knee and I thought for sure I was headed back to dr. I went from wearing a compression sleeve daily to not at all! I love the whole approach and your explanations on how the body all works. It’s alleviated many little aches and pains too! I’m hooked!"
“I saw a listing on my FB page about Bowen therapy. I was very interested and called and made an appointment with Betty Ann Dean. Immediately when I met her we seemed to connect, and I was so amazed with her aura. I have been having nerve pain with my knees and legs for years. I had a complete knee replacement in March 2019, and have gotten very little relief with anything that I have tried. I have tried physical therapy, water therapy, massage, acupuncture and various creams and lotions, and several pain relief pills and prescriptions. After the first treatment with Betty Ann, I noticed a considerable amount of relief. I have scheduled a couple more appointments with her, but will be moving back to Arizona the first part of April 2023. Betty Ann helped me connect to a Bowen therapist close to my home in Arizona, and with the relief I have experienced so far, I am very much looking forward to continuing Bowen therapy. Betty Ann Dean has a beautiful, calming therapy facility. I felt so relaxed and comfortable and with her personality was very much at peace. Her personality, and knowledge and professionalism has been wonderful to experience. I for sure will stay in touch with her and hope to see her again.”
Betty Ann has a curious, gentle demeanor, which makes time with her peaceful and rejuvenating, even when working through difficult experiences in your body. I believe you will experience her fully present with you, and we all need that!
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