Hi, I'm Bettina

Master Akashic Record Reader and Medium

Bettina N

I’m an international Master Akashic Record Reader, and Certified Akashic Record Teacher. With a rich background in the realms of spirit and metaphysics, I co-own KC Spirit and Paranormal.


Originally hailing from Germany, my journey led me to the United States about 25 years ago. Throughout my life, I possessed a natural intuitive gift and a profound sensitivity to the spirit world. Over 20 years ago, I began sharing my intuitive abilities by offering transformative readings.


Beyond this specialization in the Akashic Records, I’m also a certified Reiki Master. 


With my spiritual experience, I obtained my certification as an Akashic Record Reader 10 years ago.  I recently added the title of Certified Akashic Teacher to my resume. 


Akashic Records Readings 

As a seasoned practitioner, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. The Akashic Records, often referred to as the cosmic library of all existence, hold the profound wisdom and experiences of every soul that has ever lived.


Through this unique service, I tap into the ethereal energy field that encompasses the Akashic Records. By connecting with your energy and intention, I facilitate an intimate exploration of your soul’s journey across lifetimes. This ancient practice allows me to access the records and gather insights, guidance, and answers to your most pressing questions.

Akashic Records Reading   

30-minutes for $50 (USD)

Akashic Records Reading   

 60-minutes for $100 (USD)



"What can I say? I have never had an Akashic Record Reading before and wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. But the reading turned out so informational, loving, positive and detailed that I am sure that I will be back! Bettina is fantastic!"
Angie S.
Bettina hit the nail on the head so to speak with her reading. I came for a 30 min reading but realized very soon that I want to spend more time with her. Everything she told me was spot on! Hands down one of the best readings I have ever received. I will be a repeat client.
Cassandra Z.
"Bettina’s reading gave me the direction and insight I so desperately needed in order to change my life for the better. I am so glad I met her. I am going down a new path and couldn’t be happier and more at peace."
Bill M.
"Bettina is the real deal! No guessing and no fishing for information, her spiritual connection is phenomenal, she is spot on. She knew things she couldn’t have known about me. I was blown away."
Chase L.
"I had several readings with Bettina and from the get-go I knew that I found my spiritual person. Her readings are so impressive that I decided to take the plunge and take her class to become an Akashic Record reader myself. Best decision of my life."
Sandy R.
"Bettina was my very first Akashic Records reading experience. The first words she told me was spot on! As the session continued, I completely resonated with everything she said because I have been experiencing the energies and vibrations, pretty much throughout my life. She is spot on. Bettina provided an accurate reading and I highly recommend her to those seeking answers from the conscious/unconscious mind, memories, lifetimes, and spiritual experiences."
Lourdes M.
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