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Becky B. Salt City Psychic

I am natural borne clairvoyant through my mother’s Germanic side of her family.  On my father’s side, I am quarter Choctaw native.  I call myself the Salt City Psychic and I currently practice out of an office located in downtown Hutchinson, Kansas as a Holy Fire III ™ Reiki Master, Master Rune reader and teacher, and Spiritual Psychic Medium.  My motto is “Bee Empowered to Heal, Grow, and Thrive!”


I began my spiritual journey during the summer of 2016, the year I turned 40.  That year, I came out of the broom closet when I decided to attend the first of many ghost hunts.  My first paranormal investigation took place during a six-hour adventure underground at Strattaca, otherwise known as the Underground Salt Mine Museum, located in my hometown of Hutchinson, Kansas.  That night I captured a picture of a deceased miner who proceeded to give me an icy cold hug after I asked for his picture in an area of the mine they call the Dark Area.  From that night forward, I attended a number of paranormal investigations continually testing my sensitivity to unseen energies while capturing remarkable evidence via EVP recordings and pictures from the various locations I have visited.  I am still an avid ghost hunter, always pushing the boundaries of my ability to interact with ghosts and earthbound spirits.


An October 2017 evening in Lawrence, Kansas, while attending a paranormal investigation at the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence, Kansas was pivotal for me as a budding psychic.  That night I met Lena Townsend, a very talented Psychic Medium from the Leavenworth, Kansas area.  Lena proceeded to tell me that I needed to keep “reading” at the end of a short visit her in the lobby of the Eldridge Hotel.  At the time, I thought she meant reading books.  Little did I know that night, what she truly meant by “reading.”


I discovered my ability to “read” people in March of 2018 while attending psychic development courses at the New Age Center, a metaphysical shop in Derby, Kansas.  From that point on I searched for and found a spiritual psychic mentor who continues to coach me as her student, Psychic Cynthia Killion from Wichita, Kansas.  She is the teacher who introduced me to the mysteries and powers of the Elder Futhark Runes in January of 2019.


Through Simple Soul Path I will be offering online Rune readings via Zoom.  I work with the Nordic gods Odin and Freya through the Runes.  The main question I will ask Odin and Freya on your behalf is “What is your position in the Universe?  What do you need to know at this moment in time?”  Schedule a 30-minute Rune reading with me to find out for yourself.


Payment required before starting any services.

Rune Readings 

I work with the Nordic gods Odin and Freya through the Runes.  What advice do the Runes hold for you?

30-Minute Rune Reading

I will be pulling four Runes during this 30 minute Rune Reading session.

The first Rune is Odin and Freya’s take on you. How do they see you as a person at this moment in time.  The three Runes that follow are the advice that is given to the querant. What needs to be focused on or what is going on right now at this point in time.

Rune Readings   

30-minutes for $30 (USD)

60-Minute Rune Reading

I will be pulling nine Runes for this Nine World Rune Reading. Each of the nine Runes represent a different aspect of your collective personality such as the ego, conscience mind, subconscious mind, present state, etc… Each Rune corresponds with Nine Worlds of the World Tree. This is a very in depth Rune reading.

Rune Readings   

60-minutes for $60 (USD)


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